General Contracting

Nothing adds more value to your home like an update. Whether it is an all new kitchen, bathroom or an extension to the house, taking advantage of services offered by a general contractor can instantly have an impact on your home. It also makes the home more of your own, gives new potential for any given room and allows you to customize the house to meet your dreams. Going about this on your own is never recommended. With all of the knowledge required to perform an upgrade, not to mention the paperwork required for permits and inspections, you are simply better off going with a quality general contractor. But how do you know you have a good general contractor? You’ve probably heard stories and seen TV specials of contractors who do not live up to their profession name. Well, there are a few steps you can use, all of which are sure to connect you with the very best general contractor in your area.


Licensed and Insured

Before you go with any home service provider (no matter what it is for), you always need to make sure they are licensed and insured. This protects you by knowing the contractors have gone through all of the necessary channels to receive licensing through the state. When the company is insured, it protects you against potential damage to the house caused by the housing upgrade. While not common, sometimes accidents do occur. Without the contractor insurance, you might be left fronting the bill as you allowed the contractor and his/her crew into your house. Licensed and insured protects you from additional expenses.



A quality general contractor is going to come with glowing recommendations. Before you hire anyone, make sure you request recommendations. If the company is unable to provide this for you there is usually a reason. Most companies want to do everything they can to make sure others know about the quality of service they provide. When you receive the recommendations, make sure to contact the individuals and see what they say. Ask about length of time, price points, professionalism and other aspects of the construction process to make sure everything lines up.



Make sure you understand how the pricing works. This is where some issues come up between home owners and general contractors. Know what you are expected to pay for the job. This prevents unexpected finical issues occurring.